August 29, 2011

Thoughts on The Whip from the UK


"You cannot hit living creatures. It is unacceptable in the modern world, the whip is coming to an end” - English race commentator John McCririck after Hurricane Run was whipped 24 times at Ascot.

The one purpose of the jockey’s whip is to make the horse run faster and to keep them moving even when exhausted. Whipping over and over again inflicts physical and psychological pain on the horse and increases the likelihood of injury.

Section 9 of Victoria's Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act states: “A person who overrides, overdrives, overworks, abuses, beats, worries, torments or terrifies an animal; commits an act of cruelty.”

Horse whisperer Monty Roberts, adviser to the Queen and advocate of the whip’s abolishment describes it use as ‘felonious abuse’. In August 2006 Roberts spoke to Victoria's apprentice jockeys saying it was a myth that whips made horses run faster: “It is a fact that whips have been involved in 86% of racing accidents”. Roberts pleaded for the end of the whip and for it to be relegated to "a museum with a list of all the races lost with them."

Flyer and Photos from the Del Mar Racetrack Protest.

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August 28, 2011

Round Two! Puppy Stars Protest

The San Diego Animal Defense Team
Working together to stop the cruel cycle of commercial dog breeders and puppy stores...


Protest at Puppy Stars, San Diego's just-opened pet store that sells puppies
Ban Puppy Stores!

Puppy Stars
6167 Balboa Ave.
Clairemont (in the IHOP strip mall)
south side of the street
There is free parking on side streets.


Next Saturday, September 3
12 Noon - 2 PM

Please join us for whatever amount of time you can.
Bring signs and friends.
Help us speak for those without a voice.
Stop the greedy mass breeding of puppies
while so many die in shelters for lack of a home.

See you Saturday!

August 26, 2011

Death Toll at Del Mar: EIGHT!

From today's San Diiego Union-Tribune:

Two more horses were euthanized at the Del Mar Racetrack today as a result of injuries at the track, one from a racing accident on opening week, the second from a Thursday morning workout.

That raises the total of deceased horses to eight for the meeting.

Pedaltothemedal, a 3-year-old filly trained by Art Sherman and owned by Ackerman Stables, just completed a 5-furlong workout in :59.60 when she went down on the Polytrack.

“I’m just devastated by this,” trainer Sherman said. “Joe Talamo was riding her and she just completed her workout when her butt-end just went out. To break her pelvis like that, she had to really have slipped and twisted. This game is tough.”


3 Yr. old filly -- broken pelvis

Our Lady Gaga

Warren's Diggers
2 yr. old -- broken sesamoids

Kicken Off
4 yr. old filly

Ali's Lake
2 yr. old filly

Deviant Sax
3 yr. old filly -- broken sesamoids

Be Driven
5 yr. old mare -- broke down

Nijinsky's Leap
2 yr. old colt -- broke down

August 23, 2011

Horseracing and the ADT Protest at Del Mar/ BE THERE!

Read Naida Austin's excellent article about the horseracing industry and our protest at Del Mar on Sunday!
Be sure to watch the video that accompanies it. You'll remember why we have to be there. Then plan to join us. 11:30 AM - 1 PM

What Cities Have Banned Puppy Stores?

This information is from Best and is current as of April, 2011. Glendale CA should soon be added to this list.Retail Pet Sale Bans

Jurisdictions that have passed a ban on the retail sale of pets;

Albuquerque, New Mexico Passed June 2006; Effective August 2007
Austin, Texas Passed December 2010; Effective December 2010
Coral Gables, Florida Applies to dogs only
El Paso, Texas Passed October 2010; Effective January 2011
Flagler Beach, Florida Applies to all animals, prohibits sales and breeding
Fountain, Colorado Passed May 2011; Effective May 2011
Hemosa Beach, Florida Passed March 2010; Effective April 2010
Lake Worth, Florida Passed February 2011; Effective February 2011
Lauderdale Lakes, Florida Applies to dogs only
North Bay Village, Florida Applies to dogs only
Opa-Locka, Florida Applies to dogs only
Richmond, British Columbia Passed November 2010; Effective April 2011
South Lake Tahoe, California Passed April 2009; Effective May 2009*
*Pet sellers given 2 years to come into compliance (May 2011)
West Hollywood, California Passed February 2010; Effective March 2010

August 21, 2011


Puppy Star's
6167 Balboa Avenue

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Animal Activists Line Balboa Ave. to
Support Ban on Puppy Stores!

What a fantastic group of animal advocates! Over 30 dedicated Animal Defense Team activists
protested at the just-opened "Puppy Star's" puppy store in Clairemont for over two hours yesterday, Saturday August 20! They also had an amazing success in convincing two people who had arrived to buy a puppy that they should rescue a dog instead!

Since our original count on Tuesday afternoon , August 16, this store received another shipment of pups. By yesterday morning, they had 27 puppies for sale from the following states: Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Nebraska and Ohio. These are among the worst puppy mill states in the entire country. There were two puppies from California (San Diego and Riverside.)

Although the store is open for business, they are still not in compliance with state law with identification of breeders and posting of consumer rights. We are monitoring closely and are also in contact with Department of Animal Services.

A special thanks to our legal observer, to the women who were inside the store securing information before the protest started, and to Karey C. who surprised thirsty protesters with two cases of water! We also appreciate the polite support we received from the San Diego Police Department. 

August 17, 2011

Glendale, Calif. Council votes to move forward with puppy mill ordinance

Glendale, Calif. Council votes to move forward with puppy mill ordinance

Glendale is jumping on the BAN PUPPY STORES bandwagon! The City Council has unanimously voted to draft an ordinance banning the sale of puppies and kittens in pet stores.
Thanks to the testimony of advocates such as Best Friends and the Humane Society of the United States, this city will soon be added to the list of progressive communities that refuse to support puppy mills. Who is next? With your help, it could be San Diego.

August 16, 2011


A new puppy store (Puppy Star's)  has just opened in Clairemont and we will be there this Saturday. Please join us for any amount of time you can! There were 17 pups in there yesterday with a new delivery coming in today. We will present the store with an official letter asking them to go humane, stop selling puppies and start offering their space instead to rescue groups for adoption. We will also ask them to sign the HSUS Pet Store Pledge to not sell puppies.

Puppy Star's  Puppies 4 Sale & Grooming Service
6167 Balboa in the IHOP strip mall
South side of Balboa. Cross street is Mt. Alifan
Plenty of free parking
Meet on the sidewalk along Balboa

Saturday, August 20
Noon to 2 PM

We have signs but bring your own if you want.
Bring water, BRING FRIENDS!

August 05, 2011

Del Mar Horseracing Protest -- August 28

Del Mar Horseracing Protest
Sunday, August 28, 11:30 AM - 1 PM

The SD Animal Defense Team has scheduled its 4th annual
protest outside of the Del Mar racetrack entrance.
Bring signs, water and your compassion for the victims of
an industry based on greed, drugging, deception and death.

Sunday, August 28, 2011
11:30 AM - 1 PM
(Post time for this day is at 1 PM)
This is Del Mar's richest and most prestigious race of the season,
 the  $1 million Pacific Classic.

The intersection of Jimmy Durante Blvd. and Via de la Valle,
under the Del Mar marquee at the corner.
There is usually free street parking available at this hour
on side streets to the right.

Horses are now bred for speed not strength, raced too young and legally  (and illegally) drugged to run through pain and other problems like bleeding into the lungs. Every year, Del Mar loses many horses
who break down on the track or in training.
As of this posting, the horses"Be Driven" and "Nijinsky's Leap" have broken down at Del Mar and had to be euthanized.

Please join the Animal Defense Team as we denounce all forms of "animal entertainment" for human pleasure. Whips, beatings, starvation and isolation are all part of "training" an animal for human command and control. There is nothing exciting about suffering and pain. 
Please do not support animal entertainment of any kind,
 beginning with horse racing.

In Memory of Ruffian
1972 - 1975
Considered to be one of the greatest
U.S. racehorses of all time
At her final race at Belmont Park,
two bones in her right foreleg snapped.
Her sesamoids were pulverized, the skin ripped off  her fetlock, and her ligaments were torn,
rendering her hoof useless.
Her breakdown and death led to a public outcry for more humane treatment of racehorses.

August 01, 2011

Stop Class B Dealers Selling Pets to Research

From Last Chance for Animals:

Keep our Pets Safe
Put Class B Dealers Out of Business!

Support the Pet Safety and Protection Act of 2011

The Pet Safety and Protection Act of 2011, H.R. 2256, introduced by Rep. Mike Doyle (D-PA) and Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ), prohibits random-source Class B dealers from selling dogs and cats for use in research. An abuse-ridden system allows a small number of unscrupulous dealers to supply non-purpose-bred dogs and cats for use in research. So-called random source Class B dealers and their middleman cohorts, called "bunchers," acquire the dogs and cats they sell from a variety of sources. They routinely violate the Animal Welfare Act, obtain animals through fraud, deception, and outright theft (many are stolen companion animals), and falsify their records. They keep the animals in horrendous conditions.

The USDA spends countless taxpayer dollars each year unsuccessfully trying to regulate Class B dealers and have acknowledged that they can't guarantee that dogs and cats are not being illegally acquired for use in experiments.

#1.) Please contact your representative and urge them to co-sponsor the Pet Safety and Protection Act of 2011 (H.R. 2256) - info on sidebar. As of today there are 21 co-sponsors in the House of the PSPA.

#2.) Purchase "Dealing Dogs" and show it to your friends to spread the word about Class B dealers and the Pet Safety and Protection Act.

#3.) Donate to LCA to keep our investigations and campaigns going to put an end to Class B dealers.

"Dealing Dogs", the HBO documentary on LCA's undercover investigation into Class B dealer, C.C. Baird, has become an important tool in the lobbying efforts for the PSPA!

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