February 17, 2011


Join the protest at the biggest puppy store in San Diego County.
This store brags they sell 5,000 puppies a year. We have already initiated our investigation into their breeders from Missouri, Oklahoma and Arkansas -- three of the biggest puppy mill states in the country. 

WHERE:  Escondido! California Pets, North County Fair
Westfield Shopping Mall (IMPORTANT! Meet in the Sears parking lot to enter the mall as a group.)

WHEN: Saturday, March 26 2011

TIME: 11 AM - 1 PM

DIRECTIONS: Take I-15 North. Exit at Via Rancho Parkway, which takes you directly to the shopping mall. Park near the Sears store which is the anchor store at the west end of the mall.

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: Park in the shopping center lot, close to the Sears Store. We will gather in parking area S3 and will only enter the mall AS A GROUP. Bring water, signs. At 1 PM, we will take a break and then meet again at 2 PM at a second protest location in the area. Details for the second protest are not being made public but will be given to you at the California Pets BAN PUPPY STORES rally!

February 11, 2011

Main Line Rescue Fights Puppy Mills

In May 2010, an official audit of the USDA revealed the horrendous conditions of many federally licensed dog breeding kennels and brokers. In addition to these environmental findings, the report also indicated that several inspectors chose to reduce fines for those in violation and refused to confiscate dogs under serious health conditions.
When animal advocacy group Main Line Animal Rescue read the report, they decided to take some immediate action.

“When the Office of Inspector General's report on the USDA/APHIS was released last May, members of the animal welfare community were horrified by what was happening in many federally licensed dog breeding facilities,” said Bill Smith, the founder of Main Line Animal Rescue. “Dogs in one puppy mill were so starved they resorted to cannibalism. Dogs in other kennels had ticks covering their bodies and faces.”

In an effort to raise awareness about the growing puppy mill problem around the nation, Main Line has taken to the roads with a custom designed bus. The public transit bus is wrapped in the campaign slogan “Why is the USDA bending over backwards to accommodate our nation’s puppy mills?” and various excerpts from the Office of Inspector General (OIG) audit report. The bus will traverse the streets of Washington, D.C.

“Unfortunately, there are no billboards in Central Washington D.C.,” said Smith. “So we had to wrap a transit bus with the graphics we would have placed on a billboard. We have plans to sponsor other buses in Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles as soon as funding is raised.”

For more information on Main Line’s current puppy mill campaign and to read the official OIG audit report, visit http://www.breedingcontempt.com/

February 08, 2011

Michael Vick -- Is Still Bad News

Anyone who can stomach reading how Vick tortured and mutilated and killed dogs for fun and profit needs to read "The Lost Dogs -- Michael Vick's Dogs and  Their Tale of Rescue and Redemption" by Jim Gorant. This was not a simple case of dog fighting, as repellent as that is. It was a case of a sick mind who got pleasure out of  causing pain to our animal relations. Gorant is a senior editor at Sports Illustrated. His book makes us all remember why we fight for the rights of animals. And why we don't believe that it is possible for Vick to redeem himself with a short prison term and speaking engagements. Rest In Peace little red dog. (Read the book and you'll see what we mean.)

February 8, 2011 10:31 AM
Tribune News Services

NORFOLK, Va. -- A Pennsylvania-based animal rights group is raising money to buy NFL star Michael Vick's former dogfighting compound and turn it into a rehabilitation center for chained and penned dogs.

Dogs Deserve Better of Tipton, Pa. says it has until March 20 to raise nearly $600,000 to buy the 4,600-square-foot house in Surry County, Va.

The house and the 15 acres it sits on served as headquarters for the Bad Newz Kennels dogfighting operation.

Dogs Deserve Better says its ultimate goal is to raise $3 million to buy the site, install fencing and build a facility for the dogs.

The house would be used for offices.

The property has five bedrooms, four and a half bathrooms, two fireplaces, cathedral ceilings, walk-in closets and an attached, two-car garage.

Video From Madonna of the Mills

February 02, 2011

100 sled dogs in Whistler killed after Winter Olympics

by Jim Forman/KING 5 News & The Associated Press
Posted on January 31, 2011 at 6:19 PM
Updated yesterday at 2:58 PM

VANCOUVER, British Columbia -- An organization that fights animal abuse is calling the slaughter of 100 sled dogs by an outdoor adventure company in British Columbia a bloodbath and police are investigating.

The British Columbia SPCA's manager of animal cruelty investigations said Monday an Outdoor Adventures Whistler employee was told to cull the dogs. He has since been granted workers' compensation benefits for post traumatic stress disorder following the killings last April.

Marcie Moriarty says some dogs were shot, while others' throats were slit before their bodies were pitched into a mass grave. "It can only be described as a massacre," she said.

Vancouver radio station CKNW radio is reporting that the company expected more sledding business in an anticipated post-Olympics tourism boom. But the boom never materialized and the sled dogs were killed last April.
Graham Aldcroft of Adventures West said, "there was an expectation that if euthanizing was required, it would be done so in an appropriate, humane and legal manner."

The Globe and Mail reported Monday that Tourism Whistler announced it was suspending reservations for dog sledding at Outdoor Adventures Whistler during the investigation.