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Along with our work to continue to close puppy mill stores in 2012, we are working for a San Diego ordinance to ban puppy stores. The City Council and Mayor Jerry Sanders have been contacted with San Diego Animal Defense Team supporting informational packets and are being lobbied to support an ordinance that would ban the sale of puppies and kittens in San Diego pet stores.
This year we continued our campaign at Puppy Star's and their other two stores, Pet Place and Naedeen Puppies that began during their opening week in August, 2011. On March 27, 2012, all three stores plus the home of the owner were simultaneously raided by the SD Humane Society, SD Dept. of Animal Services and SDPD. We are elated to tell you that 100+ animals were confiscated, including 57 puppies. The owner, Johnson Le, was arrested and charged with animal cruelty -- 4 felonies and 10 misdemeanors as well as over a dozen violations of the Health and Safety Law . In September, 2012, he accepted a plea deal and will be on probation for 5 years and is doing community service.
We have now moved on to our current campaign against San Diego Puppy, dealing in dogs both online and through a storefront at 5827 Mission Gorge Rd. called San Diego Dog Wash.

You will find extensive documentation of our actions and information about the issues we address on this website. Please browse and check out older posts for research and information about puppy mills and pet stores and other animal rights issues. There are also separate pages at the top with further information.

Thanks for supporting us and being members of the Animal Defense Team. Together, we will continue to stand on the front lines of the rights of animals to be free from suffering at the hands of humans.

Since we began three years ago, we have closed many of the puppy stores in San Diego. Yet our campaign continues. As long as puppy mill pups are being sold in San Diego, we aren't done yet.

We are fighting a multi-million $$$ industry that has paid Washington lobbyists, and is based on the most heinous animal abuse and cruelty. The corporations --pet store breeders, brokers, owners -- have hundreds of lobbyists. The animals have only us.

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