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San Diego Puppy is buying it's pups fro the Hunte Corp. in Goodman, Missouri. Hunte is the largest puppy mill broker in the country. See Page 1 for some of their most highly publicized violations, including puppies dying in truck fire and dead puppies being disposed of in a ditch on the Hunte property. Lots of dead puppies. This broker processes 90,000 puppies a year and makes millions of dollars doing it.

How the Hunte Corp. processes puppies

1. Eight-week-old puppy sold to Hunte Corp.

2. Hunte performs veterinarian check, gives booster shot.

3. Grooming and/or minor surgery if needed.

4. One- to five-day stay at Hunte.

5. Second veterinarian check. Shipped by semitrailer to pet stores

6. Arrive at pet store.

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