April 17, 2010

Puppy Time Reopens in Santee as Pups & Pets

We have just been informed that Puppy Time which was located in Parkway Plaza has now reopened at 50 Town Center Parkway, Santee. The store's new name is Pups & Pets. They list the following puppies for sale as of 4/14:
Pomeranian(1) , Pekingese(2), Brussels Griffon(2), Toy Poodle(1), Boston Terrier(1), Chihuahua(2), Cocker Spaniel(3), MiniDachshund(3), ShihTzu/Maltese(1), Yorkshire Terrier(2), Maltese(1), Shih Tzu(1), Yorkshire Terrier(1), Jack Russell(2), Dorkie (Dach/Yorkie)(2), Mini Schnauzer(2),
Mini dachshund(2),  Papillon/Maltes(2), Shetland Sheepdog(1),PekAChon (1)

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