September 27, 2010

About Sunday's Call for Truth & Transparency

We believe it is not only our right but our responsiblity to ask for Truth &Transparency from the top officials of the San Diego Humane Society.

Yet -- we are also aware that many concerned folks who would like to join us are also afraid their participation could trigger repercussions for them or their group.

Therefore, we suggest participants wear dog (or other animal) masks to represent all the dogs who have no voice to defend themselves or tell their stories.

The wearing of masks also symbolizes the risk in speaking out to this SDHS adminstration.

Anonymous participation is most definitely encouraged. Our individual identities don't matter. What does matter is our collective courage to ask questions.

We ask questions to advocate change. If we chose to remain silent while animals die change will not occur. Animals live in our world, we do not live in their world; it is up to us-

(Please note: although they are next door to each other, this gathering does not apply to the Animal Shelter in any way. We are strong supporters of the Department of Animal Services, who try to work miracles on limited funding and space.)

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