November 05, 2010


Last Saturday's protest at the Pups and Pets store in Santee (50 Town Center Parkway) was a resounding success. Thanks to all of you who ignored the early morning rainy skies and showed up for a day of protesting in the sun! We were covered by 10 News San Diego and also reached thousands of people at the busiest intersection in Santee!

It was great to have members of the Olympian High School Animal CARE Club with us. We all look forward to joining forces often!

After 2 1/2 hours at the intersection, we moved into the store as a large group,
and documented every puppy for sale.

There were 25 puppies for sale in the store. Eleven were from Missouri, the puppy mill capital of the U.S.
  Although Prop. B just passed in this weeks' election in Missouri, it does not take effect for one year and even then, gives the dogs in the thousands of puppy mills there only minimal protection.

English Bulldogs from Missouri

Toy Austalian Shepherd from Iowa and Shih Tzu not identified by USDA #

Golden Retriever farmed in South Dakota

Boston Terriers -- Misssouri and Kansas (USDAs not identified)

Maltese and Yorkie Poo --  USDA #s not listed

We are now in the process of investigating the breeders and brokers used by Pups and Pets through the Freedom of Information Act and other sources.  Our preliminary investigation has turned up some shocking information which also relates to some of the other puppy stores in the San Diego area. We have decided that in the best interest of these dogs being sold, we will be publicizing this data on our website as it becomes available.  PLEASE CHECK BACK AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE.

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