January 31, 2011

Early Warning System for Puppy Mills

The following email is circulating among breeders and of course puppy mill owners.  Their website says "West Virginia Pet Law is an Alliance working to keep the Mountain State, and Our Country, Free to Own, and Use, Animals in Traditional Ways." Very interesting. We would like to add to this: IF YOU ARE A BREEDER WHO HAS SOMETHING TO HIDE, WE HOPE THEY FIND YOU!

Sender: WestVirginiaPetLaw@ yahoogroups. com

Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2011 15:46:05 -0500
Subject: [WestVirginiaPetLaw ] URGENT: HSUS raid planned for central
Tennessee or adjacent area

We have received information that HSUS is planning a breeder raid for
 the central Tennessee area, or surrounding areas, in the next several
days. They have been asking for volunteers able to foster around
120-150 dogs by next Wednesday, February 2. They are also asking for
volunteers able to take part in the raid. We have been told that the
raid will be in central Tennessee, but it could be in a surrounding
state close by (MS, KY, etc.). They often conduct these raids on

Rescue groups are also at risk during raids such as these.

If you are a breeder with large numbers of dogs in these areas,
please take precautions. They may have already visited your property
to get probable cause for a warrant. At this point all you may be
able to do is remove dogs before they are seized. If you have reason
to think that you could be the subject of such a raid, please protect
yourself and your dogs. Have an attorney ready and remove dogs ahead
of time.

This message is only aimed at breeders with larger numbers of dogs
who may be targeted by HSUS in these areas.

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