April 17, 2012

W e l c o m e !

SD Animal Defense Team


Eight months of protests, investigation photos and videos, monitoring conditions of animals and housing for our three targeted pet stores in this campaign and


All three stores plus the home of the owner were raided, 100+ animals , including 57 puppies, were confiscated and the owner is being charged
with animal cruelty and neglect.
Thanks to each person -- 200 of you of you -- who stood with the ADT
and spoke out for compassion! We are grateful not only for the folks who showed up time after time to protest and document, but those who
came to the store to buy and decided to adopt instead and those driving by who stopped to join us and those who came out of the store outraged by what they saw  inside and called the Department of Animal Services and
the SD Humane Society to report it!
At the time we write this, thanks to all of your efforts, there is not one pet store within the city limits selling puppy mill puppies!
Now we all know that can change tomorrow, but
WOW! It was time for CELEBRATION!
(Channel 51 KUSI had great tv coverage.
We'll post the news video ASAP in case some of you missed it.)

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