May 28, 2012

Press Release sent out by San Diego Puppy.

This press release was sent out by San Diego Puppy, San Diego's largest seller of online puppies. This business is the current campaign target of SD Animal Defense Team. Be sure to join us at our protests!

So here it is. It would be amusing if it weren't so tragic.


San Diego, California, United States of America ( July 13, 2011 --

CA, July 13, 2011 – Puppy petting is rising exponentially among the modern people as a part of pet fashion. Many breeds of puppies are available on sale for people. Many puppy sellers offer finest breeds of puppies and many admirable offers on every purchase of puppy from their counter. Puppy petting is becoming more than a hobby for many new pet owners. San Diego Puppy is a well known name brand for supply of puppies for sale in California region. This puppy and doggie seller has immense reputation as a multi-breed puppy supplier with a healthy track record of quality breeds. This famous puppy supplier offers various pure breeds of puppies for sale to customers. With apposite vigil on the dog breeders and stringent quality control mechanism they offer healthier and renowned breed of puppies for customers.

They take in puppies from the private farms and personal animal breeders, who offer pure breed of these creatures with apposite focus on vaccination and de-worming schedules. The puppies supplied by San Diego Puppy are certified by vet doctors to be a normal and maintained puppy for sale. They take apposite care and proffer proper love and affection to their puppies and their offered puppies are expected to be more obedient and nurtured than that one from the normal puppy mills. (ADT: What is a normal puppy mill, as compared to the abnormal puppy mills that SD Puppy evidently uses. All experts agree that pet store and online puppies have more health and training problems than other pups.)This expert puppy vendor has got years of expertise and coordination among the breeders and prospective owners. Their puppies are certified to be the best in their categories and breeds for becoming a pet.

This puppy supplier have devised out many customer-friendly literatures on safekeeping and regular care of puppies at home and by professional veterinarians. Their vaccination and de-worming literature speaks of their care and support for puppy owners. They also offer many freebies along with every purchase of puppy. With such intermediary offers they are one of the most preferred among the farms (ADT: farms? Really? Interesting choice of words considering pet store puppies come from factory farms that breed dogs like livestock.)those offer dogs for sale. San Diego Puppies for sale has an exclusive offer of winning a free maltipoo puppy with a quarterly lucky draw. Just by signing in for their newsletters any customer can be a prospective owner for this Maltipoo puppy absolutely free of cost.
(ADT: Of course it is completely illegal to offer a drawing for a free puppy. To get around this, they have now changed it to "get a puppy for a dollar.")

“We offer good promotional plans for our exclusive customers. We also proffer referral plans for our existing customers. Our promotions spread by words of mouth with our happy customers. We also compensate their efforts with apposite rewards and appraised returns. We conduct a lucky draw every quarter and distribute a free Maltipoo puppy to the lucky winner. Jerry had won March Madness 2011 with his Maltipoo. We are also conducting the next draw on 30th June to announce the winner for the second quarter. (ADT: Again, this is illegal.) We are sincere, dedicated and trained professionals. Any veterinary expert can certify our endeavors for safekeeping and grooming of San Diego Puppy for sale.”-articulates a spokesperson from San Diego Puppy. Come and sign in today for their absolutely free newsletter to secure your chance for your darling Maltipoo at

Contact Detail :- Spokesperson: David Salinas

Address : 7863 Gribble St San Diego, CA, USA 92114

Tel : 6195818377

Mail ID:

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