June 09, 2012

Why We Are Protesting Dr. Osawa

The Federal Animal Welfare Act requires that a veterinarian prepare a vet plan. Without a plan, the kennel can not obtain a license from the United States Department of Agriculture. If every vet in this country, stood for compassion and refused to be the vet of record for a commercial kennel or a pet store that sells dogs/puppies, no commercial kennels could operate.

If Dr. Osawa of the Pet Hospital of North Park, refused to be the vet of record for San Diego Puppy or any other pet store that sells puppies, they would have to close their doors. They could not legally continue to operate without a veterinarian in business with them. Instead, Dr. Osawa has chosen to be the vet of record for virtually every pet store in the city that sells puppies. What could possibly be his motivation to continue to partner with these stores that make money on misery and the suffering of animals?

We have written to him twice, asking him to reconsider and to sign the Compassionate Vet Pledge from Prisoners of Greed, agreeing to not partner with pet stores that sell puppies. The first time was a week before Puppy Stars, Pet Place and Naedeen Puppies were raided on the grounds of animal cruelty and neglect. The second time was on 6/4/12.  We also warned him that we would need to include him in our campaign of protests unless he responded. We have not heard back from him. We are protesting at his clinic, Pet Hospital of North Park, on Tuesday, June 12, 6 - 8 PM.

Most dogs in puppy mills live their entire lives in wire bottom cages, they are bred when they are six months old, bred every time they come into season, never allowed out of the cage to exercise, not provided quality food or medical care, left outside in the winter and summer without heat or air-conditioning and killed when they do not produce. Certainly veterinarians who are dedicated to the care of animals would object to these practices.

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