September 08, 2012

San Diego Puppy! What Are You Hiding? 9/4/12

Below are the photos of the storage unit where the puppies at San Diego Puppy are held. It is through the small grey door, and is a warehouse storage area that seems to be within 
the tire and wheel shop. It is in a separate building from the puppy store. Once again, the weather remains very hot. Who checks that the puppies inside have appropriate water and food and clean cages and all the other requirements? No one goes inside or sees the puppies but the owner, DAVID SALINAS and his employee. We have been inside some of the other warehouse units at the invitation of the folks renting them. We have been told there is no air conditioning unless the renter puts it in. Is there a window in the puppy storage? Are they in the dark for hours when the store and the tire shop are closed? 
These puppies are little babies. They are at the most impressionable age where they need care and socialization.
What an absolutely disgusting setup this is. Salinas had 90 puppies shipped in from Missouri during the moth of August.

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