October 30, 2012

San Diego Wake Up! Puppies from Mass Commercial Kennels Being Sold Here!

SD Animal Defense Team
San Diego Puppy

Sat. November 3
2 PM - 4 PM
5827 Mission Gorge Rd.

This store sells puppies that are mass produced by commercial dog breeders. The pups are just a commodity and their mothers money-making machines for the breeders, brokers and pet stores like San Diego Puppy. While the mothers of these puppies live in hell to make a profit for men like David Salinas, owner of San Diego Puppy, United States shelters put down one dog every second for lack of a home.

Is this OK with you? We didn't think so. Come stand with us!

As always, dogs and kids are invited. There's p
lenty of other parking so don't park in the store lot. Signs will be provided. Bring video cameras if you have them! We are documenting.

Right now, this store says they have 50 puppies for sale. These babies, barely old enough to be away from their mothers, come from the Hunte Corp in Missouri. They are loaded into trucks and hauled across the country every week. Their mothers are left behind in little cages, to breed more puppies.

It is time to stop this brutal, inhumane industry. Together, that is just what we will do. 

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