January 20, 2013

Story of Might Mouse

 1-19-13 Protest
The Story of Mighty Mouse
Approx. 6:30 PM:
While protesters chanted outside the San Diego Puppy store, the husband of a store employee careened recklessly into the parking lot, nearly hitting several protesters with his truck. He then proceeded to yell obscenities and threats at a  woman protester who was nearby.
 This man (known only to the ADT protesters as Mighty Mouse) not only is married to a store employee but also works at the tire store in the strip mall, where puppies were /are stored by San Diego Puppy until they can be sold. He has a police report against him for brandishing a weapon at protesters. This night it took an intervention by one of the (very tall) protesters as well as his own wife (see below)  to calm him down. When will he ever learn? It's time to either grow up or stay away from the Animal Defense Team, Mighty Mouse.
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