June 27, 2013


Friday, June 28, 8 PM     Light the Night for the BAN! Clairemont Dr. at I-8

Sat., July 6 2 PM - 4 PM   Stand for the BAN! SD Puppy 5825 Mission Gorge Rd

Tues., July 9 2 PM     City Council votes on the BAN! Be There! Details below 

1 comment:

  1. I do not understand something, why try to ban a store that is selling legitimate animals from reputable breeders? If you stand for justice then why not protest directly to the government about providing more funds to the shelters? I've worked in animal shelters, and believe me those conditions are more horrendous then these so called puppy stores. Moreover, puppy stores do not euthanize the animals like the shelters. Yet, your organization condemns these stores from wanting to provide a loving home to the puppies. I just do not understand the logic and purpose of protesting.