July 24, 2013

It is done!

San Diego July 23, 2013
There is dancing in the streets tonight as San Diego becomes the lucky # 13 city in California to ban the sale of puppies in any pet stores within the city. And... just because it is right, we also added cats and rabbits to the ban. Today was the second (and final)reading of the ban by the San Diego City Council. It was pulled for discussion because there were public comment slips turned in by the opposition.
Thanks to the great 6 City Council members who voted YES today. (Sherri Lightner and Scott Sherman sadly voted on the side of puppy mills.) David Salinas, owner of San Diego Puppy, called together 13 people to make public comments against the ordinance. Those included the cat fanciers, a member of the La Mesa City Council, the owner of Pet Market, David Salinas and others. When questioned by Lightner, Dr. Gary Weitzman, Director of the San Diego Humane Society and Dawn Danielson, Director of the County Department of Animal Services did a great job of explaining the technicalities of the ordinance.

 Thanks to everyone who was there today! Thanks to everyone who made this happen! It will go into effect 30 days after the Mayor signs. He has 10 business days to sign.
WooHoo! VICTORY for the puppies
and their mothers!

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