March 12, 2010


The San Diego animal community is reeling after the highly publicized arrest of Boxer Rescue's Alice Via and the Animal Control raid on her property, which resulted in the seizure of 60 dogs. We are left feeling angry, depressed, overwhelmed and burned out.

If there's one thing that we all agree on, it is this: THERE ARE TOO MANY DOGS. Too many for rescue groups to handle. Too many for shelters. Too many. Period.

Animal advocates must come together as a group to help each other and to stop the proliferation of dogs being produced. Certainly, we all agree on the issue of spay and neuter. However, we can also tackle this problem at the source.

The San Diego Animal Defense Team is working on legislation to stop selling puppies in San Diego pet stores. We are talking about enormous numbers here. The HSUS now estimates 2-4 million puppy mill pups are born each year in the United States.  How many of those have ended up being euthanized, living in shelters, being rescued by you?

This is a billion dollar corporate industry with people becoming rich off of the suffering  of breeder dogs left in deplorable conditions for their lifetimes, and their puppies being produced in massive numbers.

We are all busy with the extreme amount of work we must already do to keep this out-of-control crisis from imploding under its own weight. We know your time and energy are limited and you are spending it trying to save lives. We join you and applaud you.

Please stand with us to stop millions of dogs from being factory farmed by greedy corporate interests. How?

Urge your contacts to boycott any stores that sell puppies. See list on the left.
Support our campaign to pass legislation in San Diego to ban the sale of puppies (and kittens) in pet stores.

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