March 06, 2010

Have You Purchased a Sick Puppy from a Pet Store?

Here's the  Prisoners of Greed link to file a report!

In many states the sale of a puppy with physical problems, whether an illness like Parvo, genetic defects like hip dysplasia, or perhaps even social problems can be the subject of lawsuits. If there are enough people who have purchased ill puppies from a certain store, the cases may be able to be joined in a class action. This website will act as a clearinghouse for people to file reports and meet others who may have purchased puppies from the same store or the same broker or kennel. We will note ongoing lawsuits so that people who have purchased puppies from the stores involved can get access to information about the lawsuit. We will also seek to provide referrals to attorneys in the area who may be able to help. To file a report, ask for information about a store or if you're an attorney taking referrals for these types of cases, you can email here:

HOW CAN PET STORES GUARANTEE THEY DON'T SELL PUPPY MILL DOGS IF THEY REALLY DO???  There is no legal definition of a puppy mill. This allows pet stores to put up signs like this and deny the sale of puppy mill dogs without being prosecuted for consumer fraud. The term is commonly used to describe U S Department of Agriculture licensed kennels, the very ones the pet stores brag are "professional breeders." The Humane Society of the US: "Investigators have documented overcrowding, flea and parasite infestations, starvation, dangerous enclosures, inadequate ventilation, poor sanitation and other violations, all done to cut corners to make large profits."
January 31, 2010 -- the San Diego Animal Defense Team presented the Humane Society US Puppy Friendly Pet Store Pledge to Pet Works in Grossmont Center Shopping Mall.

February 21 --  employees confirmed the invitation and pledge were in the possession of Richard Fuller, the owner.

March 7, 2010 -- Pet Works has refused to sign the pledge. The HSUS is being notifed and this store is being highlighted on our boycott list. Please do not shop for any food or supplies at any store that sells puppies or refuses to sign this simple, humane pledge!


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