May 02, 2010

Protest Mission Valley's Puparazzi Pet Store!

Our next pet store protest is coming.

Join the San Diego Animal Defense Team to

Stop the Sale of Pet Store Puppies!

Coming Up: A day-before-Mother's Day protest at Puparazzi in Mission Valley. We will protest to speak for those who can't speak for themselves- all the mother dogs held for their lifetimes as prisoners of greed

When: Saturday, May 8
11 AM to 1 PM
Where: Mission Valley Shopping Center

We will begin at the intersection of Mission Center Road and Camino Del Rio North. Park in the Target lot close to the intersection.

Four million puppies are produced in USDA factory farms each year and most of those are resold through pet stores. At the same time, five million dogs are euthanized each year because they can't find homes. The mother dogs, who are bred time after time and never get out of their cages, often go mad from the solitary confinement and loneliness. They are then killed by the breeders. This is now a one billion dollar industry in the US. Lobbyists are paid to work on behalf of the breeding, broker and pet store corporations.
The dogs have no one but us.


  1. If you are protesting for these animals, I hope all you people in this defence team are also vegetarians too!!

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  3. Ray the manager is a RUDE SLOB whom tortures all of those defenseless puppies. What a crime, he belongs behind bars himself!!!!!

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