May 11, 2010


Three cheers to ALL of you who came on Saturday May 8 to stand up for compassion and stop the sale of pet store puppies!

A mass march of the Animal Defense Team departed from Mission Center Rd. in San Diego, carrying BAN PUPPY STORES posters and banners and wearing neon yellow BAN PUPPY STORES signs on our shirts.  We were given great positive support with honking horns from shopping center motorists.

After a spectacular protest parade which progressed through Mission Valley Shopping Center to the middle courtyard, we surrounded the Puparazzi pet store and distributed educational flyers to shoppers, explaining the link between puppy mills and pet stores. At the same time four undercover team members entered the store and documented all puppies for sale. Breeder investigations are now under way.

Four million dogs each year are farmed as livestock at unlicensed kennels as well as under the juridiction of the US Department of Agriculture. The primary objective is greed, pure and simple. Greed on the part of the breeder, the broker and the pet store owners. Dogs are paying for it with their lives.

This was our second protest inside Westfield Shopping Malls, one of the primary locations of puppy store pet shops. The first was at California Pets in Carlsbad Plaza Camino Real on April 25.  Stay tuned for our next target. We are breaking new ground, insisting on our rights to protest inside California shopping centers as ruled by the California Supreme Court.

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