August 16, 2010

Del Mar Horserace Protest August 28 11:30 AM

The Animal Defense Team has scheduled its third annual protest outside of the Del Mar racetrack entrance. PLEASE JOIN US! EVERYONE IS WELCOME AND NEEDED! Bring signs, water and your compassion for the victims of an industry based on greed, drugging, deception and death.

Saturday, August 28, 2010
11:30 AM - 1 PM
This is the $1 Million Pacific Classic Day, the biggest purse of the season. Post time is at 1 PM

The intersection of Jimmy Durante Blvd. and Via de la Valle, under the Del Mar marquee at the corner.

Horses are now bred for speed not strength, raced too young and legally (and illegally) drugged to run through pain and others problems like bleeding into the lungs. Every year, Del Mar loses many horses who break down on the track or in training.

The losers of Del Mar's richest "betting" day on August 28 will far outweigh the winners and death is imminent. Seven out of ten horses are slaughtered in the U.S., not because they are in pain, suffering or living with a terminal illness -- they are slaughtered because their owners don't want them anymore. For the thoroughbred, the risk of death is greater if they are injured or they finish last where the turf meets the surf in Del Mar. If your favorite horse doesn't make a good showing in the race, chances are the next stop is the slaughterhouse. Horses are trucked across the border into Mexico and Canada where they are slaughtered under the most inhumane methods imaginable.

Information: and the Racehorse Memorial Wall
The San Diego Animal Defense Team denounces all forms of "animal entertainment" for human pleasure. Whips, beatings, starvation and isolation are all a part of "training" an animal for human command and control. There is nothing exciting about suffering and pain. Please do not support animal entertainment of any kind, beginning with horse racing.

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  1. I will be there! Thank you for organizing this event! : )