August 18, 2010

Puppy Mill Legislation to be Proposed for Hawaii

LCA Exposes Hawaiian Puppy Mill Cruelty!

Hawaiian State Senator Proposes Legislation!

Last Chance for Animals has just exposed a major Hawaiian puppy mill operation located in Waimanolo, HI. The LCA special investigations unit received a tip that a puppy mill was operating in an otherwise idyllic setting 30 minutes outside Honolulu. The SIU sent an undercover operative to the island to see if he could get a job at the mill. Once on site we discovered multiple breeds of dogs and dozens of puppies being bred and sold wholesale to island pet stores. At one pet store, The Pet Spot in Pearl City, owned by the same woman who operates the puppy mill, customers were being misled about the origin of the animals they purchased.

Our investigation uncovered dead puppies born in squalid conditions, dogs with severe medical problems and major rodent infestation. In the words of LCA's investigator, "For seven days every day I asked the same question when are you going to fix the poodle (that had a cancerous tumor)? And they said today it's going to the vet, so I got that answer for seven days straight. It never went."
LCA shared our footage with a reporter at Hawaii News Now. They ran a two part expose' regarding our investigation and the lax laws that have allowed a festering dog breeding problem in Hawaii.

LCA is pleased to announce that as a direct result of our investigation Hawaii State Senator Clayton Hee (D) stated he will be introducing legislation to address the issue. We will keep you updated when that happens. Also as a result of the investigation and a follow up by the Hawaiian Humane Society, two dogs that were rescued from the mill have been rehabilitated and adopted to good homes.

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