October 06, 2010


Sunday, October 3
In response to investigations by 10 News and the Union-Tribune newspaper as well as a letter sent to the SDHS by former members of the Board of Trustees, fifty people stood vigil for two hours outside the San Diego Humane Society and SPCA. Protesters completely lined both sides of the driveway leading to the facility. We had media coverage on television channels CW 6, ABC 10 and KUSI 9(51). Our questions for the President, administrators and current Board of Trustees:

Why was euthanasia not ended by 2005 as promised?
(Millions of dollars were donated by the public with that goal as part of the fundraising)

Why are most of your animals not on public view?
(Adoptions seem unlikely if the public can't see the animals.)

Where is your low-cost spay and neuter program?
(Almost every other humane society in the U.S. offers these programs to the public.)

Why do your behavior tests sentence so many dogs to death?
(Which test is used that so many dogs are doomed to fail and yet if those same dogs are
saved by a rescue, they end up being adoptable and great family pets?)

Where do the millions of dollars in donations go?
(Does the public has a right to know exactly how their hard-earned money is spent?)

What are executives paid?
(Isn't it true the IRS requires non-profit groups to make their executive salaries public?)

Did SDHS donations pay for the sexual harassment/discrimination lawsuit?
(Is this an ethical use of donations?)

Note: The San Diego Humane Society and SPCA is an independent 501(c)(3) -- non-profit --organization and is NOT affiliated with any other organization, including the Humane Society of the United States or the ASPCA. That means there is no oversight by any umbrella organization and they only have to answer to you, the public who donates the money.
So... if you have questions or comments,
you can make them directly to:

Leadership Team of San Diego Humane Society and SPCA
5500 Gaines St. San Diego, CA 92110
619-299-7012      http://www.sdhumane.org/

Mark Goldstein, D.V.M., CAWA, President

Renee Harris, Senior Vice President of Animal Services

Kelly Riseley, Chief Financial Officer

Shelly Stuart, CFRE, CAWA, Vice President of Development & Education

Kim Shannon, CAWA, Senior Vice President of Support Services

Board of Trustees
Chairperson Fred Baranowski
Chairperson - Finance Committee David Hickey
Chairperson - Board Governance & Nominating Committee Diane Gilabert
Secretary Beverly Oster Ornelas

Sandy Arledge; Allen Blackmore; Robert Brown, Ed.D; George Coles; Lee Collins; Susan Davis; Dana DiFerdinando; Diane Glow, Ed.D; Dave Mason; David Mittleman; Anne Perry; David Sear

Life Members
Dan McKinney, Vi McKinney, John Parker

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