October 24, 2010

Pups and Pets Protest

WHEN: Saturday October 30, Noon - 3 PM

Come at noon and stay as long as you can
Rain or shine!!!
Bring signs, water, enthusiasm!

WHERE: PUPS and PETS Puppy Store
50 Town Center Parkway Santee, CA

Meet at the corner of Town Center Pkwy and
Mission Gorge across the street from Costco

Directions from San Diego: Take 8 East to 125 North/Go right on Mission Gorge/Left on Town Center Parkway (or Olive)/Left into first driveway/Left again towards Chase Bank

Directions from North County: Take 15 South or 805 South or 5 South/To 52 East/Go left on Mission Gorge/Left on Town Center Parkway (or Olive)/Left into first driveway/Left again towards Chase Bank

This is one of several pet stores in San Diego that sells puppies.      These puppies are shipped in from puppy mills and sold to the        unsuspecting public. See the Channel 10 news report below on Missouri puppy mills and their local impact.

As of October 14 this store was advertising a giant puppy sale with the following breeds for sale:                                                            
Pekingese m Chihuahua f Dorkie m (dach/yorkie) Jack Russell Terr f Puggle m Pug m Puggle m Mini Dachshund m/f BeaBull (Beagle/ Eng Bulldog) f/f Toy Aust Shep m ShihTzu fMaltese f Yorkie/Poo m Mini Schnauzer 2f s/pSchnoodle m s/p Golden Retriever m/f English Bulldog m r/w English Bulldog f r/w English Bulldog f/f/f Beagle m/f French Bulldog m/f Brittany Spaniel m/f Cockapoo m/f Yorkshire Terrier m/f Tiny!Shiba Inu m creamShiba Inu f b/t

What is a Puppy Mill?

The term is used by Humane Societies, the ASPCA and the community to indicate USDA kennels that commercially raise wholesale dogs with profit instead of the welfare of the animals as their primary objective. The dogs are farmed as a cash crop.

Animal Planet says it's now a one billion dollar industry with brokers, breeders and pet stores getting rich off of the unbelievable suffering of the dogs in the breeding mills. Under the USDA standard of care, the breeding dogs -- the mothers of the puppies -- NEVER get out of their cages, are housed in wire crates, often stacked so that the dogs on the bottom tier live in terrible stench and filth with no human contact, and receive only enough food and water to be kept alive. YES THIS IS LEGAL, BUT THAT DOESN'T MAKE IT HUMANE.

Help Us Stop the Sale of Puppy Mill Dogs
in San Diego.
Ban   Puppy   Stores!

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