February 29, 2012

March Protests Added to Calendar!

We continue to push ahead for a ban on the sale of puppies in pet stores! The inhumane and unethical business of farming dogs as livestock must be stopped. In order for the commercial kennels to meet their objective of maximizing profits, the dogs need to suffer. Breeding facilities are often shockingly substandard and even when they meet legal USDA guidelines, the dogs only need to be given enough food and water to keep them alive.

The owners of Puppy Star's have seized the retail puppy store market in San Diego. Since they opened in August, 2011, the San Diego Animal Defense Team has been there, alerting the public to the cruelty of this business. They have tried many ploys to stop us -- yet we are still here! Strong and determined!

The case against Puppy Star's and their employee has not yet been set by the court. As soon as we have the date, you all will be the first to know!!! Justice moves slowly but IT WILL COME!

We urge anyone reading this who has purchased a sick puppy from Puppy Star's, Pet Place or Naedeen's Pups in Oceanside to contact us immediately. We have a good-sized list of innocent consumers who purchased either sick and/or dying puppies from these stores. We do understand that you may love these puppies very much in spite of the problems. Contacting us certainly doesn't say otherwise. Any information can be sent to keafs2@yahoo.com.

Dates and times for March protests have been set. See the calendar on this page. 

And check back for the upcoming Animal Defense Team video, in progress now. Many of you who shared your wonderful rescue dogs at our February protests will be featured!

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