March 14, 2012


Saturday, March 10:  Members of the San Diego Animal Defense Team (ADT) found the Puppy Stars store on Balboa Ave. in Clairemont to be empty.

Where are the puppies!
Where are the employees!
Where are the customers!

Cages were completely cleaned out -- empty of both puppies and bedding.  No water bottles on the cages. The mailbox was full and overflowing. Doors were locked. Blinds were pulled.
Puppy Stars
6167 Balboa Ave.
San Diego
After a bit of cautious celebration and finding out from other tenants that although the sign said back at 1:15, the store had actually been closed for three days,
we went to their sister store on El Cajon Blvd. in Rolando: Pet Place

Pet Place was open and the veterinarian who is in a business partnership with the store
(Pet Hospital of North Park) -- in spite of ongoing warnings from all animal welfare groups such as HSUS and ASPCA  to NOT partner with puppy mill stores -- was giving the pups a rudimentary once-over. At the same time, the employee was telling a customer that they got a shipment of 6 puppies just the day before and 3 of them had already died. Here's a photo of a puppy who passed inspection. We see a distended stomach indicating a problem, possibly worms. What do YOU see?

SD Animal Defense Team investigators have already compiled a significant amount of evidence against Puppy Stars and Pet Place --
lawsuits with judgments against them
for selling sick puppies, 
proof that they use Lambriar Inc.,a notorious puppy mill factory from Kansas as their broker, 
proof they sell pups from several large "cash crop" breeders in the Midwest.
Sunday, March 11: The SD Animal Defense Team we visited their third facility in Oceanside on S. Coast Highway. It too was CLOSED! No puppies! No employees! No customers. Just empty rooms and a mountain of trash piled outside the back door:

It may be a bit too soon to celebrate. We still have work to do at Pet Place.
Our next protest is scheduled for Friday evening, March 23, 5 - 7 PM.
Location? TBA on our website

We thought you all might enjoy this email sent to one of our supporters
from Puppy Stars. She had inquired about their hours of operation.
"...unfortunately, we are closed down."

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