July 22, 2010

Del Mar -- CRUEL As Ever

For the first time in the history of the Del Mar horse races, four members of the San Diego Animal Defense Team successfully infiltrated Opening Day AKA Hat Day on July 21, wearing large hats protesting the cruelty of horse racing.

The team officially entered the Opening Day hat contest, sponsored by track officials and billed as "The One and Only Truly Fabulous Hats Contest." They then joined the Parade of Hats, potentially exposing thousands of horse race fans to creative visuals of the cruel reality of racing.

Each hat was individually crafted. One featured "My Pretty (Dead) Pony." Another boldly stated "Racing Kills." The third was topped with three dead horses and a tombstone engraved with  "Del Mar 2009 -- 13 horses dead / 2010 -- ???" The fourth hat featured a prominent banner: "Remembering the valiant horses who gave their lives for 'sport,' " trimmed with ghost horses with targets on them.

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