July 21, 2010

Judge Orders Nearly 500 Puppy Mill Dogs Turned Over to Texas Humane Society

July 17, 10:32 PM
Dallas Animal Rescue Examiner
By Rebecca Poling

Late this afternoon, a Montague county judge ruled in favor of the Humane Society of North Texas, giving HSNT custody of nearly 500 dogs rescued last week from a puppy mill in Bowie, Texas. The dogs, from Heddins Kennels/Maggic Pets Kennels, in Bowie, Texas, were emaciated, sick, and starving. I know. I helped care for them after they were rescued. I spent last weekend in Fort Worth a the warehouse where they were being held. I saw them. I cared for them. And I loved them.

Several "family dogs" will be returned to the kennel owners, Carol and Cloyce Heddins and those dogs will likely suffer a fate I cannot even imagine.

The Heddins were ordered to pay $40,000 to the Humane Society of North Texas for the cost of caring for the dogs, but so many were sick and needed expensive veterinary care that this heroic effort is likely to leave HSNT financially drained.

Regardless, most of the dogs are safe for now and Maggic Pets will soon be out of business. And the good guys will soon move on to raid another puppy mill, here or elsewhere, until one day our society wakes up and realizes that that those cute puppies in the window of the pet store are the reason puppy mills exist. If you buy a puppy from a pet store, you're enabling people like the Heddins to benefit financially from the suffering of animals. Putting pet stores out of business will put puppy mills out of business. It's as simple as that.

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