July 13, 2010

Help Shut Down Puppy Mills - The Petition Site

Help Shut Down Puppy Mills - The Petition Site

Watch the video below from the Humane Society of the United States and then sign this petition.
Will we be the ones to stop this puppy mill cruelty? If not us, who?


  1. I have written to people before, but no one seems to care. Hopefully you do.

    The Breeder : Todd Hall and his partner Talmadge Fowler
    Kennel Name: South Sun Kennel
    Location: 5805 Lyons Center Rd.
    Vidalia, GA 30474

    Dealer number 57-A-0153

    This Breeder Not only Has 1200+ Adult breeding dogs, but on any given day has aprox. 200 puppies in various stages. I have visited the home and done enough research to know all of this to be true!

    This person is allowed to do business and make a living and own several homes and vehicles and pays only some taxes because he sells at least half of the puppies for cash. All because Georgia has NO real laws and he has a USDA number.

    This is WRONG!!!!

    1. I think you are so very wrong. Maybe you have a problem with these men for other reasons. We have bought two dogs from them, one a Cavaliar King Charles Spaniel and the other a English Toy Spaniel. Both dogs have been extremely healthy. Both dogs are also extremely smart and happy. We could not have been happier with either purchase from Sun South Kennel. I am not a stupid woman and would recognize immediately if something was out of place or if the dogs were inferior in some way. So I am really thinking you have another problem with these men.
      Just saying!

  2. Yes, we certainly agree this is wrong. We will try to get information and get back to you. Thanks for your post.

  3. I bought a shih-tuz from a man named William Glover at the Jacksonvillie flea market and on the puppy registration form the breeders name is Todd Hall. I bought Gismo on a saturday and by tuesday he was thowing up blood and he never was playful so I took him to the vet, then called Mr.Glover.He came right away from Jacksonvillie Fla to GA.and got the him. He gave me my money back and what I paid to the vet. Meanwhile, my kids and I are heart broken. This man told me that he would get Gismo better then call me and return Gismo to us.I haven't heard from him sence. Please do something about this. It's not far to the puppys or the people how get them.This Todd Hall is useing other people and states to sale this puppys.

  4. I'd also like to post a comment concerning South Sun Kennels and Todd Hall. It is true that there are over 1200 dogs living in cages in the 100+ degree weather of South GA. These dogs live in horrible conditions and Mr.Hall acts as a Veterinarian working on these dogs when he should take them to a professional. He also changes puppies to new mothers before potential clients so he can lie about their pedigree, while he falsifies pedigree records. This isn't just a puppy mill; its animal hell. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a mass-dog grave or graves nearby his property in the woods. Numerous dogs have become sick because of outbreaks.

  5. I was at a flea market and came across a stall selling tiny puppies. I felt so horrible for them I wanted to take them all. I did walk away with one, and it was 'cash only' I figured at least I would be saving one life. Later I went online to see who Todd Hall was, as this was the name on the bottom of the papers they gave me ( I never expected the papers to be real)... They claimed the pup to be a multi-poo but who knew really what he was, I just felt so bad for the little guy. Well, i was lucky and he grew up fine, not the highest pedigree by any means, but healthy and now happy. I felt so guilty after reading about this 'puppy mill'. I was so naive and hadn't known much about them, feeling like I only contributed to this kind of a business. My vet helped me by saying, he was still a 'rescue animal"... I did have a DNA test on my pup, mostly just curious as to what kind of breed he really was. To my surprise, he was, indeed, a multi-poo and nothing else. It still doesn't excuse the kind of breeding this guy is doing.

  6. I have a rescue from Sun Kennels and this poor mama was crated her whole life in a crate too small for her so her neck is permanently crooked, she if fearful of everything and I have rescued many puppy mill adult mamas band had success, but this poor girl is afraid of everything, I do not know if I will ever get her socialized and make a house pet of her. But I will keep trying................

  7. This seems old but I'm trying to research where my mother in law got her " maltipoo" who's almost 25 pounds. I'm not stupid. And it came from South sun kennels, Todd hall. Sire: south Suns able, dam:south Suns sweet Ella.
    She is not a maltipoo I'm sure and is 4 years old with arthritis and hip displays, and anger issues. Smh