August 21, 2011


Puppy Star's
6167 Balboa Avenue

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Animal Activists Line Balboa Ave. to
Support Ban on Puppy Stores!

What a fantastic group of animal advocates! Over 30 dedicated Animal Defense Team activists
protested at the just-opened "Puppy Star's" puppy store in Clairemont for over two hours yesterday, Saturday August 20! They also had an amazing success in convincing two people who had arrived to buy a puppy that they should rescue a dog instead!

Since our original count on Tuesday afternoon , August 16, this store received another shipment of pups. By yesterday morning, they had 27 puppies for sale from the following states: Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Nebraska and Ohio. These are among the worst puppy mill states in the entire country. There were two puppies from California (San Diego and Riverside.)

Although the store is open for business, they are still not in compliance with state law with identification of breeders and posting of consumer rights. We are monitoring closely and are also in contact with Department of Animal Services.

A special thanks to our legal observer, to the women who were inside the store securing information before the protest started, and to Karey C. who surprised thirsty protesters with two cases of water! We also appreciate the polite support we received from the San Diego Police Department. 


  1. The young SD police officer (in the top photo) was great. He was very supportive of our right to be on the sidewalk in front of the puppy store, as long as we did not block the door or in any way impede customers. Need to send a letter to his bosses commending him.

  2. Thanks all for joining us on Saturday. The best effort we've seen in a long time to shut down another puppy store! See everyone Sunday at the Del Mar Racetrack, at noon, NO MORE HORSES LOST TO THE GREED OF HORSE-RACING!