August 23, 2011

Horseracing and the ADT Protest at Del Mar/ BE THERE!

Read Naida Austin's excellent article about the horseracing industry and our protest at Del Mar on Sunday!
Be sure to watch the video that accompanies it. You'll remember why we have to be there. Then plan to join us. 11:30 AM - 1 PM


  1. Rest in Peace, PROUD CARDENAL! 11 year old horse, featured in the UT, won the third race on Friday Sept.9, 2011, collapsed and died of an apparent heart attack on his way to the Winners' Circle! Thank you Mike O'Reilly for the inside scoop and for your compassion. This guy is a Vet Tech/animal massage therapist who has been on the inside of the track and is TIRED OF THE CARNAGE! He has agreed to be interviewed about the inside of this horrible industry! Contact SD Animal Defense Team -- here, on our blog -- to reach him! NO MORE DEAD HORSES! NO MORE ANIMAL AGONY FOR SPORT!