August 23, 2011

What Cities Have Banned Puppy Stores?

This information is from Best and is current as of April, 2011. Glendale CA should soon be added to this list.Retail Pet Sale Bans

Jurisdictions that have passed a ban on the retail sale of pets;

Albuquerque, New Mexico Passed June 2006; Effective August 2007
Austin, Texas Passed December 2010; Effective December 2010
Coral Gables, Florida Applies to dogs only
El Paso, Texas Passed October 2010; Effective January 2011
Flagler Beach, Florida Applies to all animals, prohibits sales and breeding
Fountain, Colorado Passed May 2011; Effective May 2011
Hemosa Beach, Florida Passed March 2010; Effective April 2010
Lake Worth, Florida Passed February 2011; Effective February 2011
Lauderdale Lakes, Florida Applies to dogs only
North Bay Village, Florida Applies to dogs only
Opa-Locka, Florida Applies to dogs only
Richmond, British Columbia Passed November 2010; Effective April 2011
South Lake Tahoe, California Passed April 2009; Effective May 2009*
*Pet sellers given 2 years to come into compliance (May 2011)
West Hollywood, California Passed February 2010; Effective March 2010

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