September 13, 2011

Puppy Stars Protest Sunday Sept. 25: Round Three!

Puppy Stars Protest: Round Three!
Sunday September 25, 2011
Puppy Stars puppy store
6167 Balboa Ave.
12 Noon - 2 PM
Meet on Balboa Ave. in front of the store.
Bring water, friends, signs:

Shame on Puppy Stars!
Boycott Puppy Stars
Puppy Stars: What Are You Hiding?
Missouri Pups at Puppy Stars
Honk if you hate puppy mills!

Our protests are perfectly legal
and are protected by our first amendment rights.
Dogs are farmed as livestock at unlicensed kennels as well as under the jurisdiction of the
US Department of Agriculture. The primary objective is to maximize profits and to do that,
the dogs need to suffer terribly. Hungry. Thirsty. Mange. Matted hair. Dirty. Injuries without treatment. Often brutally debarked. Physical and mental abuse and neglect. Puppies in Puppy Stars are coming from facilities in Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Nebraska, Ohio.These are some of the worst puppy mill states in the country, filled with breeding kennels of up to 1,000 dogs.
Is that OK with you? We didn't think so.
Join us to tell Puppy Stars: We don't want another puppy store in San Diego. Stop selling puppies or "go humane" and turn your store into a legitimate center for rescues.

Please remember we also need you to make calls, write letters and send messages.
See the post below.
Thanks for all you do to help these prisoners of greed!

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