September 26, 2011

Round Three a Great Success

Sunday September 25 --Voices of dedicated protesters filled the Clairemont Balboa Crest mall as the Animal Defense Team once again targeted the Puppy Stars store on Balboa Ave. Please visit this website often in the next week or so. We are beginning an even more intense campaign and need your help! We had great coverage last night on TV Channel 6 with a story from the news anchor and video interviews with our protesters. Attention Puppy Stars: WE ARE NOT GOING AWAY!

All protesters welcome! Including children, dogs and humans of all ages...

Keep those letters, emails and phone calls going. Tell Puppy Stars we do not want puppy stores and will boycott their business until they stop selling puppies. They need to know they are not supported by the community. They are telling customers they don't buy from puppy mills. Yet their dogs are from Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Kansas, Ohio and other notorious puppy mill states.
We will soon have lists of local breeder rescues and shelters available for customers to use to find the
puppy or dog of their dreams.
Purchasing a puppy from a pet store is an act of animal cruelty.

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