September 04, 2011

Round Two: Animal Defense Team does it again!

Peter -- powered by tofu!

Over 20 animal advocates spent their Saturday afternoon protesting the puppy store Puppy Stars in Clairemont (6167 Balboa Ave). It's a busy area with lots of traffic and the community has been very supportive of our protests. Some even saw us and came over and protested with us! We had enough people that we were able to have a protest line both on the street and in front of the store. Once again, the SD Police were called by the owner or manager of the store and once again the SDPD upheld our first amendment rights to protest there. It was unfortunate that the owner or manager resorted to racist name-calling and sexual harrassment of our protesters in front of his store.
We will be sending the Puppy Stars owner a letter this week outlining what we are asking of him (that he stop selling puppies or change to a humane model featuring rescue groups). We will publish the letter on this website as soon as it is sent. We are also including a Puppy Friendly Pet Store Pledge from the Humane Society of the United States and the invitation from them to sign.
We will be returning to protest at Puppy Stars. The date will be announced on this website and we invite YOU to join us!

Puppy Stars 858-560-0143
What do we want?
No more puppy stores!
When do  we want it?

Puppy Stars 6167 Balboa Ave. in Clairemont

This nice rescue dog Tiky saw us from the street, stopped and parked and came over to cheer us on!

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