October 14, 2011

Breaking News from the ASPCA

ASPCA Assists Rescue of 100+ Dogs from KY Puppy Mill

The ASPCA Field Investigations and Response (FIR) Team is in Rowan County, Kentucky, helping care for 118 small-breed dogs including Chihuahuas, Dachshunds, Papillons, Min Pins and Poodles—several pregnant and some just a few weeks old—who were removed from horrifyingly filthy, cramped cages on October 6.

The dogs are now receiving care they desperately need; many of them were found covered in mold and matted fur, suffering from infection, dental disease and various other ailments.

An ASPCA emergency sheltering team and other veterinary experts are helping care for and assess the dogs at the Rowan County Animal Shelter. At the same time, the team is working to place the roughly 30 animals who were already in the shelter. ASPCA responders are also completing thorough evaluations of the rescued animals and helping local authorities collect evidence to support criminal charges, which the Rowan county attorney told media he hoped would be filed this week.

The dogs were discovered after the Rowan County Attorney’s Office received complaints about the facility.

This case is the latest to highlight the urgent need to bring an end to puppy mills. The ASPCA has rescued hundreds of puppy mill dogs and aided in the prosecution of their owners. We’ve also been active in drafting and promoting legislation that would improve the lives of puppy mill dogs, most recently in Texas and Pennsylvania.

“Most people don’t realize that the cute puppies they see in their local pet store window and on websites come from deplorable conditions like this facility,” says FIR Senior Director Tim Rickey. “We appreciate the efforts of the Rowan County Attorney’s Office in pursuing this investigation, and we’re pleased to be able to assist the local authorities in the fight against puppy mills.”

For more information about puppy mills and to find out how you can help us fight them, visit http://www.nopetstorepuppies.com/.

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