October 16, 2011

Puppy Stars Protests October 7 and 14

                      Momentum continues to grow! Our protest at Puppy Stars on Friday evening, October 14 drew 50 people! We were able to completely cover the front of the store and have people lined up on Balboa Ave. as well. Thanks to everyone for coming -- some of you after work, some from distances. We had protesters from Escondido and Tijuana!  Each one of you makes a difference and is an important voice insisting on the ban of selling puppies in pet stores and breeding dogs in factory farms. 
We are working hard on organizing the protests in what we hope will be the most effective way for us to have an impact. We appreciate your flexibility as we continue.

If you purchased a puppy from Puppy Stars or Naedeen Puppies or from their online sales -- and if you had any problems with the puppy, please email us. We can help. We also are receiving reports that the store employees/owners  are being confrontive with the public, to the point that in one case there was an incident of physical assault. Please contact us if you have similiar experiences.  We will keep you updated on our own lawsuit as we progress.                                                                                     

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