October 15, 2011

Pet Sales Banned in Shopping Mall Chain!

Great news!

Shopping center developer Macerich has announced a major policy breakthrough to take effect within 30 days: No more sales of live animals in its 70 shopping centers across the United States! Leases of existing pet stores that sell animals will not be renewed and will be replaced with humane stores offering rescue adoptions.
Included are the Los Angeles Westside Pavillion, Fashion Square in Scottsdale and Santa Monica Place.

Animal activist and film producer Jennifer Peterson researched puppy mills and pet stores and initiated the Facebook page, "Boycott Barkworks." She then contacted all 74 Macerich shopping center regarding their pet store policies and after a year of negotiations with shopping center management, the new ban is becoming official policy.

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  1. It is a good decision taken by macerich, it saves the life of some pets.
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