August 22, 2012

10 News coverage of last night's protest

Animal Group Wants Local Pet Shop Closed

San Diego Animal Defense Claims Owner Of San Diego Puppy Is Lying To Customers

POSTED: 12:00 am PDT August 22, 2012
UPDATED: 12:20 am PDT August 22, 2012
A local group protested Tuesday evening outside a Grantville-area pet shop, claiming the shop's owner is lying to his customers.

Since May, San Diego Animal Defense has been protesting against San Diego Puppy on Mission Gorge Road.

'We're just going to stay here and raise hell until we shut him down," said Janice Hatch, who is with San Diego Animal Defense.
The group claims the shop's owner, David Salinas, is lying to his customers in guaranteeing the puppies he is selling are not bred in puppy mills.
"We think consumers need to know where these puppies are coming from," said Hatch. "We have proof that he is buying all of these puppies from the largest broker in the country called the Hunte Corporation. He's bringing the in large groups, week after week."
10News confronted Salinas outside his store Tuesday evening, even though he told 10News he did not want to comment.
"These people are out here saying that you're doing something illegal," said 10News reporter Preston Phillips.
"Right... and it's not, because the city would close us if we were illegal," said Salinas. "I mean, we've been around for almost five years. We're not going anywhere... we're doing really well."
When asked if the dogs come from puppy mills, Salinas responded, "They're not puppy mill dogs."
"If you go to a shop, you don't see the mother dog, you know something is up. They come from puppy mills," said Liz Jacobelly, who is also with San Diego Animal Defense.
Robin Merlo said she was considering buying a puppy at San Diego Puppy until she drove up and saw and heard the message being driven home by protesters.
When asked if it changes her plans, Merlo replied, "Yeah, it kind of does... I'll see what my husband says. He just went inside."
San Diego Animal Defense claims Salinas has had 52 puppies trucked in this month alone.
As of Tuesday, there were only a few puppies inside the store.10News has confirmed others are being held in another one of the units inside the business complex where the store is located.

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