August 15, 2012

What is SD Puppy Hiding?

David Salinas  attempts to use one of his silly intimidation techniques.

He also illegally blocked a firelane and one of our protesters cars with his own vehicle on Monday 8-13. SDPD were called and two squad cars responded. Thank you SDPD. 
The behavior of this owner of SD Puppy seems to be getting more and more desperate and unstable.

 Mike Davis! This protest was dedicated to you. And you would have loved it. 
To San Diego Puppy:
Look at these faces. 
These are the faces of determination and compassion.
We are not going away!
We are going to be at your door until you stop 
selling puppies!
San Diego Puppy sells puppies from puppy mills
and we have proof. 
These dogs don't want to die for you.
Get a real job, loser.

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