August 11, 2012

Shame on the AKC

This is from the AKC newsletter, The Spotlight:

Creating Demand for Purebred Dogs

By Mike Ganey, Vice President AKC Marketing 
There is one thing we all can agree on about our business. We all depend on consistent consumer demand
for purebred dogs for our livelihood. And while the current economic downturn has caused many
organizations to slash budgets, the AKC has expanded its marketing efforts, working to create preference
for AKC-registrable purebreds.

Because of the AKC’s unique scale and depth of our involvement, we create events other organizations can
only dream about. Events that draw thousands of pet owners and potential pet owners—events that have
a positive impact on your business whether you are a breeder selling to distributors, dealers, pet stores, or
direct to consumers.

To Mike Ganey from the SD Animal Defense Team:
Here's how your demand affects the dogs, Mr. Ganey, and you know it. Aren't you ashamed?
Once again, profit triumphs over compassion.

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