March 29, 2012

Channel 10 updated news

Some of the Channel 10 coverage of the raids on the three stores included additional news about puppies confiscated from a home in El Cajon. Good news! They may run but they can't hide!

From our most recent protest. Good job, ADT!
SAN DIEGO -- The owner of pet stores in Clairemont, Rolando and Oceanside was under investigation Wednesday for possibly mistreating animals for sale.

Investigators seized more than 100 animals Tuesday said Kelli Herwehe, a spokeswoman for the San Diego Humane Society.

A home in El Cajon also was searched as part of the operation
Among the confiscated animals were nearly 60 puppies, rabbits, a 35-pound turtle and a 7-foot python.

"These animals have been transported (and) received full veterinary exams, and several have received medical treatment and surgery," said Randall Lawrence, law enforcement director for the San Diego Humane Society. "All of the animals are now being housed ... as potential evidence for the pending investigation." None of the impounded pets were available for immediate adoption, as the investigation could be ongoing for months, Herwehe said.

Charges that potentially could result from the investigation include animal cruelty and neglect, as well as violations of state health-and-safety codes, according to Lawrence

"Any possible charges that may be pressed against the owner of these pet stores will be determined based on the evidence we collect from the public, along with the condition of the animals," he said.

A grassroots group that calls itself the San Diego Animal Defense Team has been protesting the stores since last August and filed complaints with the county, calling the businesses "puppy mills."

Note from ADT: Thanks Channel 10. It sure looks like they found the pups from Puppy Stars and they are now safe!

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