March 22, 2012

Message Sent to Dr. Osawa, Pet Hospital of North Park

Dr. Osawa
Pet Hospital of North Park
2444 University
San Diego 92104

Dr. Osawa:
We would like to register our dismay and real concern about your partnership with Puppy Stars and Pet Place. We have documentation that they are selling puppy mill pups from out-of-state, purchased through Lambriar, Inc. in Kansas. Someone from your office was in Pet Place recently, briefly examining puppies and passed a Beagle puppy as healthy when it quite obviously had a seriously extended stomach. Pet Place has been sued three times and lost --all the cases were for selling sick dogs. People are now contacting us consistently with similar stories of purchasing sick dogs.

We would very much like to hear an explanation of why, as a veterinarian, you are partnering with an industry that creates so much pain and suffering.
We look forward to your response,
San Diego Animal Defense Team

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