March 17, 2012

Puppy Stars Alert

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On Friday evening, March 16, members of the ADT saw lights on in the store. Blinds were closed but through the door they saw DOGS IN THE CAGES. They reported that the dogs were not puppies.
There were many open cages but the ones with dogs in them had about 4 dogs each and were very crowded. Three people were inside the store. One said through the closed door that they were closed to "regroup" but would open again in April and are "trying it with some rescues."
No reputable rescue would ever partner with a Pet Store.

On Saturday, March 17, the store windows and door were completely covered with newspapers so it is impossible to see what is happening inside. (See photos above.)  The sign reads "We will be open at the beginning of April. We will also have some rescue dogs available. 760-458-5778 Thanks Puppy Stars"
WHAT ARE THEY HIDING?  If the dogs in the store at 8 PM last night are still in there, they are alone and completely in the dark due to the covered windows. There are no other windows in the facility. Is this unit now being used as a temporary storage place for the dogs? Where are the puppies from both this location and Naedeen's Puppies in Oceanside? Where are they being held? We will continue to monitor and report on this alarming situation.

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